Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I happen to know a girl who is getting married very soon. I'll not expose her relation with me in this blog. But of course, people who know me personally would know immediately about whom I'm talking. This girl is very close to me. And since she is settling in a different city after her marriage, it is needless to say that her marriage is a cause of much disappointment to me! I'll miss her, very much. But there is a reason why I suddenly decided to tell you the story of this particular girl. Have you ever felt the frustration that one feels when one is unable to speak one's mind to somebody very close to one's heart, solely because of the reason that that somebody would not be able to understand what one meant? Have you ever felt the sorrow that one feels when suddenly a lot of distance comes between one and a person who matters a lot to one, without any proper reason? It is precisely then when one feels the need of taking the help of a different medium to convey one's feelings, to speak one's mind! And that is exactly what I'm trying to do.

She is just 24yrs old. Which, I personally feel is a very young age for a girl to get married, but that is my opinion, and I'm definitely not trying to impose it on anybody. But I definitely feel that marriage is one of the most important decisions of life and it should not be taken quickly. And this is something which I want everybody to consider. But sadly, in this world where divorces are getting more and more frequent, some people are still there who feel that marriage is the end of all solutions and commit their selves to marriage before thinking. There are still people who believe that a love relationship which is not sanctified by marriage is easily led to a break up. Whereas a marriage without love or mutual understanding is wholesome! (As if the word 'divorce' is not included in their dictionary!). But this is completely ridiculous and this is why it is necessary to marry only after properly knowing one's partner. It is a different matter with those people who do not get that chance, but it is foolish not to utilise the chance if it is available to you!

Let me tell you the story. Boy meets girl in the final year of school. They have an affair. End of school, they drift apart. Lack of communication brings a premature end to their affair. They get on with their lives. They get different lovers. And they spend six years this way, completely out of touch with each other and unaware of the changes in their life. Then the girl breaks up with her boyfriend and her loneliness compels her to join a social networking site. The girl desperately searches for that boy again. She succeeds. They renew their contact. And within a month, the boy asks the girl to visit him in a different city! She goes. She stays there for ten days. And without any prior knowledge, the boy proposes her for marriage! (It is worth mentioning here that even the boy had a love relationship with another girl in the intermediary period with whom he broke up a month before renewing his contact with our heroine!). She accepts the proposal. Comes back home, informs her family on the boy’s insistence. The two families talk and make arrangements for marriage. A date is fixed. Then one fine day the boy rings up the girl and tells her that he is unable to forget his previous girlfriend and therefore it is impossible for him to marry her! And he breaks off the marriage! The girl breaks down completely, suffers a lot, and then, slowly after about a month, tries her best to resume her daily life. She even succeeds but after four months the boy again comes back to her, begs for forgiveness and again expresses his wish to marry her. And guess what she does? She accepts him and without taking time to test the waters, agrees to marry him on the very day that was previously fixed for their marriage, precisely two months after the boy’s come back!

The girl’s family is very happy now, busy with the proceedings! (Well, even if they are not happy they have to show their happiness!) The groom is very loving and romantic, so much so that he makes it a point to make a vivid display of his cheesy romanticism in front of the bride’s entire family (!) at the drop of a hat! And so exceptionally thoughtful that he makes it a point to tell the bride how she should look in the reception, what she should wear, what shoes, what dress, make up, accessories, he even mentions the cutting of the dress! In short, he calls the shot, and the bride is very happy. And that is it. The bride is happy. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I want her to be happy throughout her life! When people day-dream, others around them wish that they stop doing that and face the reality. But I would never want this bride to stop day-dreaming! Because I have this feeling that if she ever stops doing that, the reality would be too harsh for her to deal with!

God, please prove me wrong about this man and keep the girl happy!