Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Okay, hello everyone! Its been a long time... Now, although I find blogging very tedious, its the fashion of the day! Its good in a sense, you get to speak your mind, but only for those people who are afraid to speak their mind out loud. And since I'm an expert in that, and often disliked because of this approach, to me, trying to be a bit more polished by penning my thoughts down instead of shouting them out loud is unusual. But still, my friends have promised me a wide readership and therefore I dedicate this blog to them.

Did I mention that blogging is the fashion of the day? Well, not only blogging, but creating a stir by blogging is the original intention of bloggers now-a-days. Who would like to write meaningless bla bla blas anyway, and why would people read that? We are not celebrities! But what topics! In our class, even cat fights take place through blogs! Now I think, are we actually living in the 21st century where people are so busy that they dont even have the time to sit together with their families at the end of the day to dicuss their problems? Yet they have the time to actually discuss their enemies? Okay, two people cannot stand eachother, that's understandable. Their can be various issues, particularly if the two people concerned are strong personalities. But why spend your precious time and even more precious talent in listing the shortcomings of the person whom you dislike? All of us are hypocrites and therefore nobody will come up and say 'ok, that was one of the most stupid and immature things to do', but we all laught at your back. Yes, we do. Do we enjoy that? Yes, we do. Unknowingly, you become our entertainers. But was that your initial idea? Did that solve anything? That only transformed you people in to laughing matters. Both of you. The author and the subject!

You people dislike eachother. You people have unresolved issues. How old are you? You have self-respect that gets hurt. Very well. But do you think that this behaviour is helping you any better? Be true to yourselves. Dont you think that you should know by now to fight your own battles, face your own enemies, without involving others or lettnig others know? Wont that be a bit more respectable? You know, the best way to fight is either to fight face to face, or to simply ignore. And you should never try to influence others by your views about someone. Let them form their own opinions, they are entitled to that (even if they are stupid enough not to realise that!). Plus, why do you need followers or supporters, you are not fighting election, are you?

And one more thing, never listen to others as far as judging people is concerned. Never believe others when they come and tell you things about someone. If you hate someone, hate him or her for your personal reasons. But remember, nobody is worth ones hatred. Its a very strong emotion. Dont hate eachother, please! Act your age and sort this out. You people were good friends. Point out eachother's shortcomings by being friends. By being well wishers. Change yourself for the better. Friends do criticise eachother, dont they? When your criticisms can benefit your friend then why waste them on your enemy? And next time, if someone offends you, walk up to that person and say whatever you feel. That's the best way to ignore long-lasting enmity.

And also remember, that this is from a friend who loves you both.