Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 3:

Today was not much eventful. We started our day at about 10 o'clock in the morning and first went to see the Junagarh Fort of Bikaner. The experience was wonderful! Took as many pictures as I could. Didn't want to miss out on anything! The immensity and the beauty of it was out of the world. Sometimes I feel so jealous of the kings and queens who actually lived in those palaces. The city of Bikaner was founded by Bikaji Rao in the 1400s and this fort was built by his successors. The foundation of the fort was laid in the 15oos and slowly it was completed by various kings after 35o years! Later, during the early years of the 20th century the ruling king left the fort and moved to the Lalgarh Palace, a few kilometres away, built by him in imitation of the fort. From that day to this day, the Royal Family resides in this palace, although a huge part of it is now occupied by a hotel.

After this we went to have lunch. Tasted Rajasthani Gatta Curry. It was delicious! Then we went to the Karni Mata Temple, a few kilometres from Bikaner. The specialty of this temple is that it is filled with..... mice! Yes, dirty, little, scurrying relatives of our sweet Stuart Little, who are not at all good-looking and civilised as him, and who show no inhibition in running over your feet! It was a horrible experience. It is said that among the innumerable brown mice if you catch a glimpse of the white mouse, you get lucky. My father was the lucky one but he is yet to see the effect!

Our next destination was the Lalgarh Fort. There is a museum inside it dedicated to the rulers of Bikaner to this day. It was good but not that interesting. We came back to the hotel in the evening. No more going out today. Tomorrow it'll be an early start. Destination Jaisalmer. Sonar Kella calling!

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