Sunday, December 6, 2009

I don’t know whether death is truly the end that it is meant to be. I don’t know whether death is just a purgatory leading to a new life. All I know is that to me, death is harmless. Just like true love, it is one of those few processes of nature which exist to meet the very ends that they repeatedly fail to meet every time they occur. Death is definitely not the end of an existence. The death of a creator is definitely not the end of his creations. The death of a propagator is certainly not the end of his thoughts. The death of a philosopher is never the death of his visions. The death of a man is not the death of his hopes and his dreams. The death of a life is not the end of its existence. Men die, we die, only to become immortal through the legacy that we leave behind. We leave our children, our creations, our words, our promises, our hopes, our dreams, our deeds, our possessions and all those nearest and dearest objects which complete us, make us what we are. Through which, for which and by which we live our life. The objects, the people, the ideas that death totally fails to wipe out from the face of the earth. Then in what way are we taken away from this world by death? If all those things that made us whole and all those things that made us live, outlive us, then how do we die? How do we end? We often use the phrase, ‘the circle of life’… but is there a beginning or an end to a circle? No. There is only continuity. It is a continuous journey without an end. True, the physicality of life is not strong enough to meet the requirements of eternity. True, the creation of God is not up to the mark to last the eternity. But the creation of man is indestructible, invincible. The creation of man, his ideas, his values, his hopes, dreams and his legacy are there forever, and through them he lives forever. Just close your eyes and try to remember all those ‘dead’ people who mattered to you. Do you see them in your mind? If yes, then how are they dead? They live in our love, they live in our hatred. They live through us. They are never dead, because we are never dead, and we are never dead because we outlive the parents who create us from their own elements and we walk the path prepared for us by our predecessors. We continue the journey of life that has no end.

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  1. amaro porano jaha chai ,tumi tai , tumi tai goo.

    tuma chara ar jogoty mora keho nai, kichu nai goo.

    tumi shukh jodi nahi paw ,jaaw shukhero shondhany jaaw.

    ami tumaary peyechi ridoyemajhe, ar kicho nahi chai goo.

    ami tumary berohy rohibo bilin, tumaty koribo baash

    dhirgo dibosho ..dhirgo rojoni, dhirgo borosho mash .

    judi aro kary bhalo bhasho .judi ar firy nahi asho ,

    toby tumi jaha chaw taha jeno paw, ami joto dukho paaai goo.