Monday, December 21, 2009


Day 1:
Needless to say, it was a very active day, and the result is that I’m completely exhausted! Woke up at three o’clock in the morning to get ready to catch the flight to Mumbai at six in the morning! In fact I was so excited that I really couldn’t get a proper sleep. Airport looked very busy as always. I was really dumbstruck to see so many people up and about at a time which I normally spend sleeping and snoring! Anyway, the journey to Mumbai was quite pathetic. Unfortunately we were among the last passengers to report and as a result I got the seat next to the toilet! And guess what? It was never empty for a minute at a stretch! Moreover I had an empty stomach and until breakfast my entire body felt like my ear--- senseless and empty. But the best part of the torture was the fact that the television in front of me was playing Kambakht Ishq!
We reached Mumbai at nine o’clock and our flight to Jaipur was scheduled to leave at 2:30 in the afternoon. So here was the big challenge--- how to spend five and a half hours in waiting? The idea of sitting opposite to each other and looking at each other seemed alright for the first few minutes but not more than that. Hence we decided to kill time by visiting Juhu Beach. This idea seemed brilliant till its execution. I’ve never seen such a boring beach ever in my life! The sea was boring with no waves at all. The beach was comparatively empty. It was so hot that I was reminded of summer in Kolkata, the sun was unbearable, and the beach was DIRTY! We couldn’t spend more than ten minutes there. After that our autowallah took us to see Jalsa, Amitabh Bachchan’s house. (You must be wondering why Jalsa and why not Mannat?). Well, the answer is simple. Mannat is in Bandra, miles away from the airport and Jalsa was on the way back to the airport from Juhu. Well, I didn’t find anything mentionable in Jalsa, in fact, I didn’t even see it properly! Well, all this little adventures or misadventures didn’t even last an hour. And we came back to the airport by 11:30. But this single hour cost us Rs 225! (It is Mumbai, meri jaan!) Then we decided to have a little food. Refreshment coupons were provided by our airline. But people, don’t get your hopes high by the mere mention of ‘food’. It is Mumbai and the food is vegetarian. And let me also mention that Rajasthan is no better! I have already checked the menu card of our hotel and there is not a single non-veg dish! Poor me! Anyway, after a boring cheese and corn sandwich lunch, I attempted to sleep in the waiting area, but it was of no avail because the seats were uncomfortable and the other passengers were very loud.
At one o’clock in the afternoon, we decided to go for checking. It was a short business and afterwards we again waited for an hour. Then ultimately we were allowed to board the plane. Happy news, this time I got a decent window seat and this time the film was Love Aajkal! But I decided to concentrate more on the window and the views it provided until the clouds covered all. But this time again, the food was vegetarian! Anyway, this journey was short and within one and a half hour we reached Jaipur. Here the weather is pretty cool, the dominant colour is pink. No wonder it is called the ‘pink’ city. But it is as yet unexplored to me because after reaching the hotel we didn’t bother to go out. We plan to get a good rest tonight so that we can start early tomorrow. Tomorrow, it is destination Bikaner!

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  1. Sounds pretty boring till now. Ami bhai, puropuri non-veg (sitter niye) person. Tai...

    Let's see how the real trip goes.